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We help employers to realise the potential that their staff hold and provide the most appropriate training solutions to help them reach that potential.

About our staff training

We take the time to understand the skill requirements of our clients’ businesses and implement training solutions which suit the learning styles of different individuals and address skills gaps within a business.

Providing businesses with staff skills training, our services make significant improvements within businesses, maximising staff potential and profitability.

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Avidity offers a full Apprenticeship Management Service, meaning that you need only have one relationship with one training provider

The Apprenticeship Levy

Avidity Training can help organisations maximise the opportunities created by the Apprenticeship Levy, starting with supporting organisations to develop an Apprenticeship Strategy.

Through our expertise and track record in the training and education sector, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of funding and compliance systems, Avidity are well placed to support employers and ensure that the Apprenticeship Levy is maximised.

Our Apprenticeship Offer

To levy paying employers

  • National coverage within England
  • Full end to end Apprenticeship Levy
  • Management service
  • Dedicated onsite training team
  • Delivery by Avidity or network of specialist providers
  • Personalised curriculum and resources
  • Up to 100% funding available to cover the cost of the training

To non-levy paying employers

  • Regional based delivery teams
  • Defined selection of Apprenticeships available
  • Unit selections based on job role
  • Apprenticeship Recruitment & Selection Service
  • Up to 90% funding available to cover the cost of the training (100% for very small employers)

Workforce Development

Avidity Training are able to offer a combined ‘whole workforce’ approach utilising any, all or some of the following:

Bespoke training

Courses are tailored to the exact requirements of a business. They can be aimed at up-skilling the workforce or they can address specific areas of need within a department.

Depending on your business’ requirements, we can provide both accredited and non-accredited training courses; get in touch for the full list of accredited training we offer.

Statutory training

Many businesses are required to train their staff in particular areas such as health and safety, and first aid.

If you have a statutory training requirement, get in touch and see how we can help.

Stand-alone courses

Avidity are able to provide a range of nationally accredited qualifications in areas such as customer service and leadership & management.


Avidity can provide commercial training as well as that which capitalises on Government funding.


We offer a full range of apprenticeships that are suitable for all levels of worker, both existing employee and new starter.

Apprenticeships to some are perceived to be ‘just for the young’, however recent apprenticeship reforms have extended the high-quality training provided as part of an apprenticeship development journey to workers of all ages. In the spirit of lifelong learning, apprenticeships are a practical, work orientated pathway to develop workers and in turn aid commitment and engagement levels and reduce attrition.

& Selection

Avidity can offer a full recruitment and selection service. This is most often utilised in the case of apprenticeships for new starters. From defining the job description to advertising vacancies, shortlisting and conducting interviews, Avidity Training can take the pain out of recruitment and support your training and apprenticeship strategy.

Our apprentices are enthusiastic, keen to learn new skills and to develop their career. We have a strong record for placing apprentices in businesses and businesses we work with report great benefits from having an apprentice within their workforce.

Apprenticeship training

Apprenticeships are available from entry level to degree level in a range of disciplines. Apprenticeship training is typically 90% Government funded, in some cases 100%.

Contact us now to discuss how apprenticeships can support your business – 01922 641888


"Although Avidity usually help to find apprentices for roles, with us they have carried out all of the training and assessments on staff already employed by British Gas.

To date all of our apprentices that have signed up for the NVQ award have been successful in gaining the accreditation that they aspired to. I maintain that part of this reason is down to the way Michelle (the assessor) has managed and supported the apprentices with their work.

Overall I am very pleased that we are working in partnership with Avidity and I am happy with the relationship that I have with Michelle to manage and support the apprentices."

British Gas - Mick Sherry

"Our apprentice came on board with the understanding she was joining a professional and established organisation. I have seen her grow and blossom over the past 8 months. She has been committed to the day to day work and taken on board advice, showed flexibility and maturity.

The assessor Sharon has been a pleasure to work with, she has always been professional, understanding, approachable and places young people at the centre of her work. She is committed to making a difference and this shines through in her personality.

Overall I think it is a great programme to get young people into work."

Birmingham Youth Offending Service - Valerie Falconer

"Our experience of working with Avidity has certainly been a good one and they have always been careful to select candidates who would fit in well to our environment.

What is refreshing about Avidity is their ability to respond quickly to situations and whenever we have faced a potential problem they have responded immediately and with sound advice.

Our assessor Jackie has been thorough and efficient always, with a vast amount of knowledge to offer and advice at every stage. The training appears to work well and gives the apprentice a good balance of skills."

JFM Associates - Fiona Razak